Can we change the icon for tools? Or make Lasso Select better?

I’m getting to grips with the Lasso select tool. Its a great feature and about time it made it to SketchUpLand!

Now, firstly, the Select tool is what I default to for all general sketchup operations. I have it hotkeyed to the A key. So it’s visible and active on my screen often…it’s the most common tool.

“Lasso Select” appears to be the same tool but with the ability to select a lasso shape (instead of a rectangle shape). So I plan to make it my new Default.

However, the Lasso select tool comes with a big, ungainly, lasso-shaped icon.
There’s no way I want this to be my default sketchup pointer icon!


So I’d like:

A) to modify the icon, either through an extension or a modification to a sketchup ICO or image file (or whatever it uses),

or -

B) Trimble to improve the Select tool by adopting Lasso Select as the default, then adding the ability to hold SHIFT while drawing a selection to constrain the cursor to a direction (15deg snapping and constraining). This would mean one Select tool could used for any selection shape, eg :

, or a rectangle…

And it would feel more like other sketchup drawing tools.

Can anybody help with either of these requests?

Sidenote: the Freehand tool is similarly interesting in that you cannot choose to constrain it to a straight line…i wonder why? I like the new Constrain to Plane options though.

I don’t think we will change the default tool, it might upset a lot of users. Having a preference to say what you want to be the default tool may be a more generally useful option. But, we don’t have a shortage of other things we want to do, it may take some time for a change like that.

As for the Lasso cursor itself, if you have an SVG editor you could change this file:


I am pretty sure I can’t officially recommend that you do edit that file.

One issue with the idea about constraining the Freehand tool is that it mostly would make sense if you are drawing on a single face. When drawing in free space or over multiple faces, the actual line is being applied to the face under the cursor. A visually constrained line would only be constrained when viewed from your current camera location. Once you have drawn the line it will be at all sorts of different distances.

Still, I will pass that on as a suggestion.

By the way, the Shift key is used by Lasso and Select to indicate that you want the new selection to be added or removed from the current selection. Having it be used for constraining purposes as well could lead to unintended outcomes.

Does this work?

I tested this by resizing the cursor_select svg and in an image viewer it is indeed larger but in SketchUp it’s the same size…

Of course. Svg is scaleable. That means it has no inherent size; the app scales it to what fits the programmed size for a cursor. You can’t make that size different.

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This is the toolbar icon file. When edited this shows changes to the icon on the toolbar but not the cursor. It is strange that none of the cursor_ files are for lasso.

That is strange.

Yea i found the same…TB icon isnt the right ine to edit. Cant see an obvious file for the cursor.

On Mac, the cursor icons are pdf’
It is called cursor_lasso.pdf:
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