Dimensions tool icon

Is there any way to change the dimensions tool icon as it’s identical to the select tool in 2017 Make? The number of times I’ve tried to select groups, components etc with it and wondered what was wrong when they wouldn’t select …until I used the select tool!!!

Not holding my breath on this one.

I’m not sure if you are talking about this (I’m on Window but should be similar):

… for me is looks quite different.

Do you know that if you hit the Spacebar the Select tool will be selected. (it is a default keyboard shortcut what is assigned)

Otherwise there was some discussion about changing icons here:

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Good idea. Even if it were to get changed, that wouldn’t affect SketchUp 2017 Make.

The arrow for the Dimension tool is white while the arrow for the Select tool is black. Subtle difference but with training easy enough to spot.

Get in the habit of hitting the Spacebar.

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I see, it is about a Toolbar cursor icon … :slight_smile:

On my Mac, the cursors for select and dimension are indistinguishable on 2021. On 2017 there is a very subtle shift between a white drop-shadow on the select tool vs a gray one on dimension - but SketchUp (or maybe macOS) often seems to get stuck on one or the other and fails to change back when I change tools.

I’m on Mac and the arrows are identical.