Cannot select Dimensions

I’m pretty sure that the problem here is me and not Sketchup, but I’m not sure what I’m missing.

I am finding getting dimensions in SketchUp extremely frustrating. Even using the following simple example:

  1. Create new drawing using Architectural mm template in Make 17
  2. Draw a square 2000 x 2000
  3. Pull the square by 2000 to create a cube

At this point I select the Dimension tool and try to select a corner or an edge. The cursor reverts to the previous tool, but doesn’t behave like previously. Edge or point no selected. Try for a while. No dice.

  1. Select all face and group. Try again. No Dice

  2. Convert the object to a component. Try again. No dice.

Very occasionally I will select an edge and get a dimension to pull out. Initially I thought the issue was my model. But repeating the steps above has the same end result.

Any suggestions?

Could you share an SKP file in which this fails? I’ll try it on my Mac and see what I get. Do you have problems selecting an edge with the Select tool?

Generally issues with selections and clicking on endpoints or edges is related to the graphics drivers. Intel graphics seem to be very problematic, too.



Do I need to have grouped the cube, or should I be able to dimension straight from step 3?

you should be able to dimension ungrouped geometry or grouped. You can’t dimension an edge if it’s in a group that is closed, though. You would need to open the group to select the edge for dimensioning.


I don’t get the green dots when I hover over the corners. When I click I get the previous tools icon.


What exactly do you do after you select the Dimension tool?

OK. Here’s a test .skp with a basic cube, no grouping, no components.

test cube.skp (134.7 KB)

Click on dimension tool in tool palette. Try to click on either corner of cube, or edge of cube.

Hmmm… No problem here.

What happens if you click on it from the Tools menu?

No difference. Just keeps the previous icon.

For instance if I click paint bucket, then either Tools>Dimensions, or Dimensions in the tool palette, the icon remains the Paint Bucket.

Have you tried reinstalling SketchUp?

Looks like I’ll be doing that tomorrow. At least we seem to identify I’m not doing anything wrong per se.
Will feedback after reinstalling in the morning.

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OK. Have deleted and reinstalled SketchUp Make and still having exactly the same problem. Unless anyone else has a suggestion I’m going to assume that it’s either my MacBook Air, or some combination of software that I’m working on.

The ‘need’ for dimensions this time around has passed - I only discovered them right at the end of the current project at home, and we’ve managed without them.

Thanks for the help.

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