Sketchup 2019 for MacOS. Dimension tool not working


I am trying to add dimensions in Sketchup 2019, but the tool doesn’t seem to snap to anything. I try to click in the second point (between a counter and a back wall) but it just doesn’t work. Is this a known bug or am I am doing something wrong?

Thanks for your help.

I don’t know of a bug causing this, more likely it is user error.

The dimension tool will only snap to endpoints of edges, so if you are trying to dimension to an intermediate point on an edge it won’t work (and didn’t in prior versions either). But if you snap between endpoints of the counter and back wall you get a dimension that you can move along the wall so it shows at an intermediate point. The leader lines are hidden beneath the edges.

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Thanks for your quick answer. I’ve been trying to get the dimensions between the border of a counter and the border of the wall, both sitting on the floor, but it just doesn’t snap to the edges. I didn’t have this problem with SketchUp 18.

Can you post the model? Then someone here can see if they can reproduce the problem or explain where you are going wrong.

I am trying to take the measurements between the walls. It shouldn’t be difficult to select the edges of the walls, but it just doesn’t happen. Also the space between the gondolas.

Please let me know how can I upload the 11.1Mb model. The maximum is 4Mb.

Thank you!


For a large model you can share it with DropBox or a similar service or upload it to the 3DWarehouse. Either way, make sure it is public and then share the link here.

Here, I purged the model and it is now much smaller.

Thanks again.

Store - option 5.skp (1.7 MB)

Is these the dimensions you are trying to get? As I said, I had to click endpoints but then it worked.


Here’s an animation. Does it work differently for you if you try the same?


Completely different. It just doesn’t show the “Endpoint” message in the tooltip, so I can’t snap the start and end points to anything.

What can be happening?


That is indeed odd!

Do you get tooltips from the other tools, e.g. the line tool or is this limited to the dimension tool?

Did you install by opening the downloaded .dmg and the dragging the SketchUp icon over to the Applications icon in the installer window?

Yes, it is installed in the Application folders.

I have the tooltips in other tools, like guides or tape measurement.

I used the dimension tool in Sketchup 2018 without problems. It’s just happening in 2019.


I confess I’m stumped. What exact model of Mac are you using and what version of macOS (you can get both pieces of info from the Apple->about this mac window). Perhaps someone from the Trimble team will see this and can provide more info…

@Gusnyc Which OS are you running?

I am using an iMac PRO and the latest version of Mojave. Everything is up to date. Maybe I should reinstall SketchUp? Delete some preferences? Plists?

Thanks. Could you post a gif or video of what you’re seeing?

Hi! I am sorry, I didn’t see this message. Last night I uninstalled and cleaned all the conf files in the computer and I did a new install of Sketchup 2019, and now it seems to be working as it should. It was so bizarre, only the measurement file didn’t work at all. I am sorry I didn’t see the request for video before removing the install.

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