Dimensioning Problem

Can anyone help me with a dimensioning issue I’ve been having.
I’m attaching a layout file for reference.

Basically what is happening is my dimensions wont snap to my walls at certain points but they are at others. In the model I’ve hidden lines through floors to blend the textures together and I thought that was the problem at first but it doesn’t explain why some corners work and others don’t.


Unhide those edges. The other edges at the bottom of the walls are not hidden.

I see what the mistake is :upside_down_face:
Now I have a new problem. I need those edges to be hidden for the elevations. Why can’t i dimension to the wall corners when the bottom edge is hidden?

You can add a few guide points instead of unhide the edges


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Oh nice!
What tool is that? I cant find it in the menus.

You can use Tape Measure tool and create those points.


It’s a plugin - PointTool, but there are several such plugins, search for plugins that create points and choose one of them.

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What version of sketchup are you using? There doesn’t seem to be compatible plugins for the most recent version that draws points? I’m also confused at why I can’t just reference the edges of my wall.

You don’t need a plugin to create points, I showed you in the animated gif how to create them using Tape Measure tool from SketchUp.

Your edges in XY plane are hidden.

Alot of the plugins have not been updated to say they are compatible with 2022, but they work anyway. Try one, the most that will happen is it will not work.

I tried about 4 of them and sketchup crashes. I see what @mihai.s has done. He was typing 0 as the length and I missed that part. Thank you guys for you help.

I am trying to reference the Z line.

I have found a solution I used https://curic.gumroad.com/l/section_lite which creates lines that I can dimension to.

What if the scene that you want to dimension to were set to Show hidden Geometry. For a simple section floor plan, it may not make a difference in the appearance. Worth a try. See if the dimensioning works, then no extra steps every time you revise the layout.

Don’t know about Curic’s plugin, if that is easier.

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