Need dims to snap to hidden lines

Hello Everyone!

I have a house model separated by floors and each floor is separated into its own group for viewing purposes. I have the lines in between floors hidden (to blend them together) and i use a section plane to darken the walls in my plan view.

My problem is that I cannot dimension these walls in layout now because the dims wont snap to the section cut or the hidden lines. Does anyone have a similar issue or a solve for this?

Thanks, Josh

Draw a temporary line. Draw the dimension. Then delete the line.

Click in sequence on the scenes tabs of this SU file for ideas.

Dimensions on hidden lines.skp (85.6 KB)

Thanks Jean, this works nicely inside of SketchUp but my problem is that I’m trying to dimension in layout. The solution ive come up with is to ‘Create group from Slice’ and put it on its own tag and scene and then layer that on top of my floor plans inside of Layout to dimension from.

I don’t quite follow you.

But I used to have difficulty getting LO dimensions to snap on sections lines.

Turned out it was because of my sloppy modeling - floor groups would not abut precisely against wall groups, i.e. the floor group world intrude into wall groups.

Being more precise with modelling ‘solved’ the problem of no snapping in LO.