Dimensioning Troubleshoting

Ive posted this topic before but I need to brainstorm with people on a solution.
We separate our floors by level tags in the model. But to make elevations look right, I need to hide lines on the exterior walls…

This all works great up until i need to section and dimension floor plans. Because the lines are hidden, dimension lines wont snap to them.

The solution I’ve done thus far is to turn on hidden geometry in the plan view scene. This works but the hidden geometry bogs down layout, I was wondering if anyone has ideas to be able to dimension hidden lines in layout?

Attached is a video of how I separate floors.

I sometimes need to do that sort of thing. The process I’ve used is to wait to hide the edges until after the dimensions are in. Also I would set the style temporarily to Monochrome or Hidden Line and leave shadows off to reduce rendering times until dimensions and annotations are complete. You could do that part in LayOut for the viewport by choosing the style and disabling shadows. Once you’re set with the dimensions, hide the edges in SU and update in LO.

If I understand you correctly…

I have a condition off tag which I apply to the external abutting edges :scream:

In my SU elevation scenes the condition off tag is off.

In my SU plan scenes the condition offtag is on.

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I’m not sure I’m following, but you can use tag override in LO to turn a tag on, dimension it, and then turn it back off again if that helps.

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This is exactly the solution i was looking for! Thank you!
I had been just hiding the lines instead of tagging them separately. :grimacing: