Layout not snapping on sections



I am using Sketchup Layout Pro 2018. While trying to dimension models, I have consistently run into an issue with the dimension tool not snapping to common points (e.g., corners of models). Not sure if this is a bug or a flaw, but it is certainly frustrating.

Anyone have a thought about what is going on?


I understand that it is frustrating but since section cuts aren’t snappable edges in SketchUp, there’s nothing for the Dimension tool in either SketchUp or LayOut to grab onto. I don’t believe that’s a bug. It’s just the way sections are. There are a couple of options, though. You can create a group from slice and dimension to the edges in that group or you can use TIG’s Add Section Cut Face to create a face with edges that the Dimension tool can snap to. You can also apply a material or color to the face.


My Trick: In LO, select a No-Section STYLE. /SketchUp Model Tray/Style/ Make your Dimensions and Re-Select the Section-Style.



Thank you, both!

On a somewhat related note, it would be nice if there was a clear way to correlate section labels in Sketchup with drawing labels in Layout…

Haven’t been able to make that work.