Dimensions won't snap to section geometry in Layout

I guess the title is enough to describe the issue
i’m aware of “create group from slice” but then i’d have to recreate the slice each time i update the model, wouldn’t I?

If you move the section cut you would.

You could use Section Cut Face from Sketchucation which will create a group with a face at the section cut. It can be set to provide automatic updates when you move the section cuts. You would have to redo dimensions in LayOut after changing the location of the section cut and updating the section cut face since redrawing the section cut face will result in the loss of the PIDs which LayOut’s Dimension tool links to in the viewport.

What version of SketchUp/LayOut are you using? You put Free Plan 2020 in your forum profile. Does that mean you are using a cracked version?

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I use Layout 2024 and dimensions snap to section geometry fine for me.

You need to have Object Snap toggled on.

it’s on
no go…

no, i’m using a paid version
i’ll need to update my profile

:thinking: I think Kevin you can’t snap to the actual section cut “geometry” – unless something has changed in the last few years.

But, if like me – typically for architectural work – there will be, say, a floor group “below” the wall section cut butting up to the wall group whose geometry you can snap too.

Edit – just realised that this is about dimensions snapping to the section cut.

Please do.

Hi Paul

Not sure I understand this correctly?

I ‘think’ green circles highlight the dimension tool snapping to standard geometry and red crosses show where it snaps to a section cut.

Red cross indicates geometry intersection that is not an endpoint / midpoint

I’ve really only run into this when dimensioning true elevations (no actual cuts). Layout will snap to the cut geometry first, then to the nearest non-cut geometry second

But I also use Section Cut Face from Sketchucation

Ah - okay.

But I guess if you are trying to dimension a section cut its effectively the same thing?

Yes, sort of. It will move geometries up one step in priority level