Dimensioning a Bldg Section in Layout Struggles

hi there!

I am trying to notate floor to floor heights in Layout
and I see that when the dimension tool connects (“snaps”) to the line or element I am interesting in - it makes a red dot.

However…I have a simple section cut through the building and I can not get the dimension tool to pick up on the floor surfaces.

Is there a way to set the styles to make this work? What am I missing?

My model scene is in vector mode in layout.

Thanks SO very much for any assistance!


The section cut edges in SketchUp are not “snappable” like regular edges are. Generally, when I wasn’t to dimension a section cut, I use TIG’s Add Section Face to create a face over the section and I make the section cut face edges visible. another option is to right click on the section plane and use Create Group from Slice. that’ll give you snappable corners.

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Thanks for helping me!

What are TIGs?

TIG is one of the guru’s who write fantastically useful extensions for Sketchup. Hi extensions are available at Sketchucation.

Thanks DaveR - I tried the create group from slice but I still get the same thing for the dimension situation in layout. The blue dot that says On Shape and results in the real page size dimension rather than the scaled dimension from the sketchup model… Is there anything I have to update in layout to get it to register?

After you’ve create the group from slice, update the scene and save the SKP file and then in LayOut, right click on the viewport and choose Update Reference.

Yup - done, standard. Ugh, what could I be doing wrong?

Did you try Add Section Cut Face?

AH! i got it… I had a rectangle also on the notation that was interfering!
Create group from slice seems like a sufficient solution.

Does Section Cut face have any further benefits?

Wow, thank you So very much for your help.

Glad you got it sorted.

Section Cut Face creates a face over the section cut so you can’t see inside the walls.

Glad to have helped if I did.

You absolutely helped!!! Thanks so much!!!

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Hi Dave! I finally decided to just add the plugin AddSectionFace and have a follow up on this question… It is working but it doesn’t fill in all areas of the section!? Do the shapes need to have a certain characteristic to get the color will in the section cut?


The plugin makes a best guess about which regions need to have faces and which don’t. there is always the possibility of faces being formed where they shouldn’t or faces not forming where you want them. You’ll find situations in which you’ll need to manually make adjustments.

'k Thanks for the check in!!! I will play around with it… Thanks!!!