Layout - Measures at a section cut

Hi everybody,

I’ve been stumbling here. Is it possible to add measures to a section cut? I can’t get this stoopid tool to snap to the right points…

You can add dimensions to section cuts. I find it a little difficult sometimes. One thing that makes it easier for me is to use TIG’s SectionCutFace to create “real” faces at the section cut. I prefer that anyway because I can apply textures and use different ones for different faces. If I’m going to need to dimension the section cut I will set it to not hide the edges.

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It’s not something I do much of but, would create group from slice work to give ‘real’ edges to snap the dimensions to?

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Group from slice would indeed create the edges and points to dimension to. I prefer TIG’s plugin because I also get the faces but either method results in the edges.

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@DaveR @Box → that does solve it. It’s not a pretty solution (I’d call it a work-around) but it does get the job done and that’s what counts.

Can’t wait for Sketchup 2022 with native M1 support that will solve ALL these issues once and for all :grin:

It would be nice if the Dimension tool in LayOut could snap to the section cut lines. I guess though, since they aren’t real edges…

I also think it would be nice if Section Fill worked like TIG’s SectionCutFace. Another reason I prefer it is I can give the section cut face a tag that I can then choose to show or not show in LayOut. I can also use a different style for the section cut if desired. Lots of options because it is “real” geometry and not just an optical delusion.

Will it? Do you promise?

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(I promise!)

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I shall expect a refund from you if they don’t…

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Not sure why this is happening for you. I have projects I use Skalp on with no issues dimensioning sections and then I also use native sections in other projects with solid fills and also have no problems with dimensions.

There is one spot, a base cabinet pullout that doesn’t have points, but largely everything is fine. This video shows native section tools with solid fill.

This next video shows a file using Skalp. Same results.

I find using ‘Create Group From Slice’ makes it easy to obtain accurate dimensions.

I usually explode the Groups in SketchUp, then use Eneroth’s Face Creator which makes it easy to apply materials.

Reading all this makes me think: Whoa - so many cool solutions by very smart people. To a problem that shouldn’t be a problem. That should simply work. Like it works in VectorWorks, in SolidWorks, in basically every program that allows you to make a section cut for a layout. I shouldn’t need to add an additional group of lines that have no connection to the 3D geometry that I am cutting just to add dimensions. That’s a 2D workflow and prone to errors. If I change the 3D geometry I would need to be super-careful to also update all these fun little 2D groups of lines, etc.

But I don’t want to rant - the solution to the problem is there. It’s a silly one but it works. So let’s file this under “if the Sketchup-Team doesn’t know what to improve any more, look in this drawer…” and wait till somebody opens it.