Snapping problem when using Tig's SectionCut face extension

Hi There,

I used Tig’s SectionCutFace and native section cut fill to compare snapping and it turned out that SectionCutFace is preventing layout to snap.

There is a great need for a vector section cut fill, I know many other users would agree with me. I attempted to find a solution, so I tried out Tig’s SectionCutface extension. I would be intreseted to know about other tools, which doesn’t further complicate the TAG system too much. Suggestions are welcome.

I tried some other extension before for section cut fill and sometimes I use Tig’s, because of it’s simplicity, but I find it difficult to manage the Tags if I have too many SectionCutface in the model. Any good practice uggestions are welcome.

So many of us are wasting hours to give section cut a decent vector fill in layout, when the native SketchUp section cut fill does a brilliant job to fill theses gap up automatically. Only if there would be more possibilities for section cuts. I agree, it can make the software very complicated if we are to give every different material a different section cut face, this is something I hated to set up in ArchiCad, but a simple vector fill, similar to the solid, colour fill may be a good option. Until then, I would appreciate tips on how to get some more vector fills for Layout, as the native library doesn’t seem to be enough for me.

It is very hard to show that the section with SectionCutFace fill on doesn’t snap…but the 3rd picture is intended to demonstare, in contrast with picture 4, which is snapping nicely.

This is not a problem specific to TIG’s Section Cut Face. In LayOut you can’t snap to hidden edges in viewports. You need to make the edges visible to snap to them. You could do that in a couple of ways in this case. One would be to turn on Hidden Geometry for the scene in SketchUp and leave the viewport rendered as Raster until you don’t need to be able to snap to anything in it. Or you can unhide the edges of the section cut faces. I generally do the latter. In fact, when I am creating the section cut faces for models I know will be going to LayOut, I make edges visible from the start with the setting in the UI. Here’s an example where most of the dimensions are snapped to the endpoints in the section cut face.

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My SectionCutFace even has an option in its settings to NOT hide the faces’ edges, so then you have something to snap to, even if you have hidden edges switched OFF !


Thank you for your help.

I noticed the different options in the extension, but only tried it with hidden edges - thinking the section cut has edges already…I will experiment with it.

I was thinking that it’s a sign that the extension don’t work with SketchUp Layout 2024…although it does work with SketchUp 2024. Thank you for clearing this…

Thank you Dave for explaining it - I learnt a lot from your posts in the last 10 years and thank you TIG for the many wonderful extension which lifts SketchUp to another level.

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