Layout Dimension Tool not detecting some points in SketchUp model



I’m attempting to add dimensions to a page in Layout. Some points in my model are detected and some are not. This is the first time I have encountered this difficulty. Any ideas? Took a video screencast to illustrate the behavior in question:


Can you share the LO file so we can take a look and help you identify the exact problem?


Layout File:

SketchUp Model:


Why are the files deleted? If you took the discussion offline to PM, please say so!


I fixed the scene for that viewport to correct the camera position and eliminate clipping. I’ve not run into the dimension problem you showed related to clipping in the SketchUp model but after fixing it, the Dimensions seem to behave better. To be honest, I make sure I don’t have any clipping in scenes when I create them so I never see this issue in my own modeling.

One thing to note, though. You can dimension along the ridge from end of rafter to end of rafter but you can’t dimension to the bottom chord along the ridge because there’s no intersections or end points there. In your viewport that could make it look like the Dimension Tool is snapping to some points but not others. Again, where it’s not snapping, there’s no point to snap to.

The discussion was taken offline.