Can I use the dimension tool between two layers?

I am having issues where the dimension tool will not “stick” at the end of the measurement. This can happen inside an edited group or between two different groups on different layers. I was hoping the dimension tool would work something like the measuring tape where it doesn’t care where the objects are, just the distance between them. I have watched the video tutorial, but there really isn’t much there that is what I am trying to do.

Thanks in advance for any help.

Perhaps you could share an example where it doesn’t work. Having groups on different layers won’t affect how the Dimension Tool works.

On occasion I’ve had trouble getting the second end of a dimension to “stick”. Usually, the problem is that the inference engine isn’t sure what point you are trying to select. Zooming in and orbiting for a better look usually helps.

Yes, that helps in a lot of cases, but not all.

OK, I am uploading a layer that is the sidewall from a teardrop camper. I try to add a dimension marker from the top of the wall to the bottom of the wall. I think the issue is that SketchUp doesn’t like it if the ends are not in the same plane. In this example, the height is 5’ but the bottom 2.75" is indented 1/4". When I select the top flat area, the entire line segment is highlighted and SketchUp assumes I want a dimension marker for the line segment and not where I am trying to point the second point.

Dimension Example.skp (2.1 MB)

It worked fine for me.

You do need to make sure that you are anchoring both ends of the dimension at end points of edges or at intersections although the intersection could be between an edge and a termporary guideline.

Notice that the bottom extension line has a jog in it to compensate for the recess.

Thanks. It wasn’t obvious that you should find intersection or end points and then “swing” the cursor to where you want. That fixed my issue.