Can't "end" the Dimensions tool

I’m using Sketchup free on the web (early February 2024 version). I want to use the Dimensions tool to indicate the distance between two lines.

I click the first line, then drag to the second. The measurement is exactly correct, but… I can’t find a way to “stick” the end onto the second line. See video below

I have tried double-clicking, command-, contro-l, option-, and shift-clicking and none of them work. What other information can I provide? Thanks.

You need to click on an endpoint, move it up to the corner, click, then move back to straight.
GIF 6-02-2024 3-46-16 PM

BINGO! That’s the answer. Thanks

Expanding on what @Box showed, linear dimensions only anchor to points, not to edges or faces. But if the dimension offset line runs along an edge it is invisible.

Points in the sense of endpoints, midpoints, guidepoints, point-intersections (*)

(*) these intersections can be:

  • edge <> edge in different context
  • edge <> guide
  • guide <> guide
  • edge or guide <> face
  • edge or guide <> section plane

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