Why is Layout Dimension tool so hard to use? - how to angle the dimension lines

When I am making dimensions, I do not want the dimension lines to touch the drawing lines but just stay a little bit back from it or else the drawing becomes confusing as to what line is what. To adjust each dimension line to move them back is very tedious. If the dimension lines are touching the drawing lines they should always have angled markers indicating what the dimension is for so the lines to not fade into each other. I have put in a screen shot that shows this issue.

The 1 1/4" could really use angled dimension markers like what is shown to the left where I have put other dimensions. Unfortunately, I cannot find any button or method that will allow me to indicate the 1 1/4" like that. It is really unfortunate that every time I finish a drawing in SketchUp I am so far from actually finished because it takes forever to put in dimensions in a readable format. I wish this dimension tool could become more user friendly to save all the tedious format adjustments.

Does anyone know how I could put the 1 1/4" to have angled markers (or slashes whichever you call them) so the lines do not blend into each other? Thanks

Here’s another example of how frustrating the dimension tool is in Layout.

In the screenshot I have dimension line selected that I want to delete and it will not let me delete it. This has happened to me before and I just keep trying to delete a dimension and then finally it may all of the sudden decide to delete even though I did nothing different.


There must be a better way then drawing in the slashes which I am doing in the screenshot… Still doing Dimensions 2 hours later :frowning:


You’re drawing the markers manually?

Select the dimension, in the “Shape Style” window there are options for Start Arrow and End Arrow. I believe from memory you can choose those ticks as an option to add to the dimensions. You can also choose the size of those too.

To set this default for the file:
Have nothing selected and select the dimension tool. Then go over to the Shape Style window and set the Start and End Arrow as you wish along with size. After that, every time you select the Dimension Tool, those settings will be present.

Setting things like this along with fonts and sizes etc and saving a template with those settings to be used again, will save much frustration.

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@Daud, I think this set of Videos About Layout Would be worth some of your time.

Check out this video. It is super helpful if you are struggling with dimensions.

Thanks so much this is much appreciated. Sorry for my slow reply as I had to take a break from SketchUp but now that I need to use it again, this is very helpful.