We have press the zoom extent and our house suddenly gone

You managed to get the camera placed a long way fro the model. I fixed that. I also found some issues such as the giant bathroom vanity gomponents placed miles from the rest of the model (do you really need them even at their correct size?) and very tiny geometry at a huge distance from the balcony rail in its component. I cleaned that up. I also fixed incorrect tag usage.
Screenshot - 6_21_2023 , 6_11_19 AM
Purged unused stuff from the model.
Screenshot - 6_21_2023 , 6_15_49 AM
And resized some excessively large texture file. File size reduced by 40%.

The model could stand to have more cleaning done. Some of the objects you’ve added from the 3D Warehouse are quite heavy. They probably don’t need to have so much geometry. You should also correct the reversed faces. There should be no visible blue back faces in your model.

I’ll upload the file and come back with a link to it.


Here’s the link.

The face style is set to Monochrome and the Profiles are turned off in the Edge settings for the style so you can navigate around the model more easily. Once you’ve fixed the reversed faces you can go back to the Shaded with Texture face style. Get in the habit of keeping your models purged of unused stuff and keep them clean.

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Hello Dave,

I got the file downloaded. And thank you for the info i will make sure correct the mistakes. I appreciate your help.

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