We are experiencing technical difficulties

I am receiving this message when launching the program.
Does anyone know when we can expect this to be resolved?

Same here. One of our users is seeing this message and under our Account Manager I do not see our users. We have 4 subscriptions in our company. Anyone having the same issues this morning?

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I am having the exact same issue at the moment.

Yes, I have a same issue.
I checked the website and my payment history of annual subscription is gone too. It still have my card info though.
This is very inconvenient and annoying. They should let us use the software even if their server is down.

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It looks like a service outage at Trimble. Their page:

…has this message at the top:
“Temporary Outage We are currently experiencing system outages and expect to have everything up and running soon. - We’ll do our best but we may be not be able get back to you as quickly as you’re used to. Please expect some delay in responses.”

We have multiple licenses as well. So far, it only seems to be affecting issuing new licenses. I have my fingers crossed our existing licensed users aren’t taken down too.

Same issue here - been happening all morning.

I’m having zero difficulties working…

but here’s the catch everyone should take note of…

I’m using SketchUp Pro 2019 Classic Perpetual. :+1: :yum:

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same issue.

FWIW, if you have been signed in, you can still use SketchUp offline, it only needs to call the servers once every 28 days (7 days when in trial)
you’re allowed to install SketchUp on two machines, if you log in on those machines, you shouldn’t log out and back in every time. The information is ‘logged’ in your User Data. When the server is down and you canot use SketchUp, two things can be the case: 28 days period is past and your not able to log in again, the other being that the Userlogs have been erased or not written properly (Read write permissions, not installed by rightclicking on the installer file and choose ‘Run as Administrator’,etc.)
If you wanted to activate a classic license on a machine during the time that the servers went down, you also would not have been able to activate your classic license. (They are hosted on the same servers)

The message: ‘An internal entitlement management service error has occurred’ is different from the messages we receive when the license server is down, btw. This message seems to refer to difficulties with the system that manages the assignments: those who were entitled, do not get access.

We think that the issue is resolved.

Wow. A salutary lesson. ‘Hiring’ the latest sketchups could be a precarious option without any classic perpetuals to fall back on. If Trimble goes belly up that would be it. Things are not looking good with the current licensing models. The 'gators feast as more and more lemmings head for the cliff. Open source anybody? if only.

As said, this doesn’t affect users that have all ready activated SketchUp, only the ones who have been logged out and new, just assigned users.
Once logged in on a machine, you can use it offline for 28 days. A lot can happen in a month. A complete shutdown, WW3, etc Amazon’s servers are spread across the planet, 57 divided over three continents, soon over six.

The new users who bought a classic license couldn’t activate the license, either. So that makes no difference. They can, however last longer without connecting to the servers.
You wanna go back to CD’s and postal services?

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Yes please! CD’s Memory sticks whatever twas just like Christmas opening the box on arrival. At least we had something tangible that could be relied upon to work independent of the networks. There was a time when once you paid for the book/manual/CD it was yours and to access whenever you wanted. Now it seems you must visit the ‘municipal library’ from time to time to continue to register an interest in hiring the thing, irrespective of whether or not you have easy access to the library in the first place. Then with the relief of yet more cash from your pocket and trotting out the justification that the latest iteration is the ultimate update/improvement/enhancement etc etc you always wanted. The sad reality is that it is often nothing more than a luke warm rehash that could have been deferred for another couple or ten years.

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