Oops... All of the SketchUp Pro license seats are in use at the moment

We have been getting the above error for almost a week.

  1. It started when we had a power outage.
  2. The user may have had Sketchup open at the time and was not logged out.

What we have tried

  1. Reinstalling Sketchup Pro
  2. Checked all computers to ensure no one was logged in. Actually only 3 computers have access, however we still checked them all.
  3. License is not expired
  4. Maintenance fee is up to date (Not like that we can get assistance anywho)
  5. We have called and left 3 messages
  6. We have emailed and have an open ticket

PROBLEM - this is directly affecting out business and we are now extremely back on deadlines and irritated that Sketchup customer service truly is NOT “on vacation”.


Have you checked the license monitor?

Maybe it will give some clues
You will need a trimble account with the same emailadress of the license

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I honestly think you have it! This is a great link that I did not have! It looks as if my bosses kids might have logged into the account with out knowing. YOU ROCK!