Cannot log in

Hi, when I enter my subscription it seems like it does not regognise the email. The following message appear:
We are experiencing technical difficulties.

I try several time to reset pasword, but nothing seems to be working.

There have been a few reports of difficulties with the network today. People do seem to be getting in after a couple of tries.

Their service seems to be down at the moment, I am getting errors connecting with my Google account as well.
In the future, Sketchup, how about you risk allowing someone that doesn’t have a license using your product during an outage, rather than blocking your paying customers from accessing their product?!

I can’t log in either.
When I go and look at my account it says I have never had a license or subscription!

Having the same issue. No way to get any direct info from SketchUp on why this is happening and an expected time for resolution?

There is a banner outage notice appearing on all Help Center articles.

Guess what, I’m having zero difficulties working, but…

here’s the catch everyone should take note of…

I’m using SketchUp Pro 2019 Classic Perpetual. :+1: :yum: