Subscription Problem

My sketchup subscription has locked me out even though it is still valid until 11/15/2021. Please advise

Thank you

Is your computer online? Have you tried logging out of SketchUp and back in again?

Yes, it did not help, I am now online.

subscription, the gift that keeps on giving

Can you post the exact message that SketchUp displays?

When you logged out of SketchUp and logged back in, did you quit SketchUp in between the login and login? If not, try again including quitting SketchUp in the middle. If I recall correctly, some users reported that made a difference.

I may see the problem. You have two Trimble IDs, one which I think is your work email, and that one has the subscription. The other is on the lines of your forum user name, and that only has SketchUp Free. Check to make sure that you’re signing in with the work email.

Tom / Colin

I do believe you have solved the problem, I just found the sign out button, before I was just closing out the software with the “x”, so now I have truly logged out and the message has gone away.
Thank you for the help.
Screenshot 2021-11-06 150352