"We are experiencing technical difficulties"

I have not ben able to turn on my SU – I am running a full license which I paid in full, not even 3 months ago. I have deadlines this morning. What is going on!!!

Please help!

Try to disable your connection (wifi, ethernet)

Experiencing the same issue - seems like Sketchup is having an outage.

Oh look, I’m having zero difficulties working…

but here’s the catch everyone should take note of…

I’m using SketchUp Pro 2019 Classic Perpetual. :+1: :yum:

Thanks, Mike, but that did not work.

Where can I get this from?

Look here: https://www.sketchup.com/products/pro-classic

Compare Classic with the Subscription for features.

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srry this didn’t work for you. As I replied to @Julian_Smith several times:

This might not be a login problem, but merely an assignment problem.

Have you been logged in, before? From what location? There are three regions in the world were you can login:
Europe, Asia Pacific and America,
Currently, the sign in in Europe seems to be ok. If you have VPN, you could try a server in Europe.

Buying a classic license still does not solve the problem when it is truly a serverproblem, though…
(and logging in from another location won’t solve the assignment problem, FTM)

That depends on which server is having a problem.

But I can sign in and out…

The server issues are not fixed yet. We have a work around for now, please use the contact page so we can send an email back to you with the work around:


Use the Message Us option.

So, forget what I just said. A few seconds ago everything seems to have been fixed.


The server issues look like they are fixed, and you should be able to sign in successfully now. No need to get a classic license.

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I designed a model of a church in SketchUp for a school project. I saved it frequently in Trimble connect and it all worked fine until one day when the website crashed. The whole project disappeared even though I saved it a few minutes before the crash. Can I get it back somehow?? Kind of panicking right now. Grateful for help.

did you try https://connect.trimble.com/
(I had not given the proper link in the other post)
please do not flood the forum

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