SketchUp fails to connect to server

Image says it all.

Seeing this implies that if I do purchase SketchUp Pro (I’m on a trial) that I would need this server (that is broken) to be working each time I run the App. Said another way, I’m paying money for something and don’t really own it and depend on a server to validate a license. If that’s the case don’t worry with my issue as I’ll find something else.

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We have a status page, that does show there were some login problems earlier today and yesterday:

Most of the page shows green bars, it is very likely that you will sign in ok, whether it’s the trial version or a paid subscription.

You only have to sign in every 28 days, and hopefully that won’t coincide with a time when the server is having problems.

I’ve tried over and over to launch the App and get the same message each time. I will try again tomorrow.

This is being show to be incorrect by many people. The software regularly makes you dance to its sign in tune at random unpredictable times, sometimes only hours apart.


Hi Colin or any sketchup employee,

Are there any updates on this situation as I am experiencing the same issues?


The problem is fixed for me now :slight_smile:

Yes, I can verify that it validates my license each time I run the app. I have Wireshark and I see it make outgoing connections. In addition, I just started using the app and it hasn’t been 28 days.
The App is just about perfect for what I need but I do not like how the subscription model is implemented. I will not use the App often as I will only have a project or two a year.

I can’t open up more than a single sketchup model at any one time as the system keeps asking me to log in. The icon at the top right indicates that I’m already logged in, but I click the button anyway as I can’t open another session. Then the login window freezes. Then I have to restart SketchUp.

You should have a failsafe mechanism where you can just remove license requirements whilst fixing the server.

Rule No 1: Don’t ■■■■ off your customers.

“Don’t p i s s off your customers” is what the nannybot tried to prevent me from saying.