WBSD Accounts Unable to Sign In to Sketchup

Good Morning,

I work for Oakland Schools, and Intermediate School District (ISD) that serves other schools, and Kelli Mattson, our AutoCAD Teacher at the West Bloomfield High School, is unable to sign into the Sketchup Free App. Our School and ISD is setup already for Sketchup.

Her Account is Kelli.Mattson@wbsd.org. She is unable to Login using the Google Authentication. Is it possible if we can get assistance with her login?

Ryan Brooke

Hi @OSRyanB thanks for the post. I am happy to look into the issue although if it is only a single user that is seeing an issue it is most likely a permission issue on your end somewhere. Can you confirm if it is a single user seeing the issue or if it is multiple users?

Hi there,

She is the only user that uses Sketchup within our district to my knowledge – is there any troubleshooting steps I can make besides clearing cache on the site to resolve this?


Hi there - Just bumping this to see if there’s anyone from SketchUp Team that can take a look at this.

Can you please send me a video of what is happening? Might be pop-up blockers issue on her browser