Warning triangles in LO

I have been editing a drawing in both SU and LO. The LO version now shows a couple of yellow warning triangles. I cannot fin a way to interrogate them to see what they mean. I think they may refer to arrow symbols that were on the drawing (LO only) that aren’t there any longer.

Can anyone tell me how to find out for sure what they mean and, secondly, how to get rid of them?

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There are viewports that need to be rendered because they don’t currently match the reference file. Select them and click the Render button in the SketchUp Model window. Or turn on auto render by ticking the box.

@DaveR I thought that too but I think there is only one viewport and it does seem to be set to autorender.

Are you sure there aren’t other viewports under the top one? Temporarily shift the selected viewport to a new layer and turn it off so you can access everything else without selecting that one viewport. Turn off the visibility for everything until you have only those two triangles left. Then you can drag a right to left selection box around one of them and find out what the entity is.

Think I have solved it! Clicking on the triangle does nothing but if you select all it becomes obvious that each triangle is within a blue bordered box. That probably represents a symbol that has been inadvertently deleted from my scrapbook. If I use a large enough bounding box to enclose the offending item I can then delete it.

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Ahh… The shoe drops.

So you could delete those from the project. If you select one, what does the SketchUp Model window show? Many scrapbook entities are SketchUp files.

The shoe drops? Not heard that before. We say the penny drops over here!

SU Model window doesn’t say anything. Should it?

I think the guy that made that up was out of pennies at the time.

I was just curious. As I said, many of the scrapbook entities are SketchUp files.

In any case, the reference was changed (or missing) from the content on the page so the yellow triangle shows. I didn’t think you’d delete a scrapbook entity from the scrapbook if it was one you used.

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