Warning sign off the layout page

Hi HI, i posted here before about this issue of a warning sign within the layout veiw ports.
Now i am experiencing a similar incident, but the sign appears outside of the layout page.

Any clues?


Hi Lucy,

That triangle is normally seen at the bottom right of a SketchUp model viewport that hasn’t been updated (rendered) since the model reference was updated. I’ve seen it by itself a few times when users have cropped the view or modified the viewport’s camera position and then later removed the model from the part of the model space the camera was set to.

Try dragging a right to left selection from the bottom right of the yellow symbol up to the left past it. and you should see a blue bounding box like you when you select a viewport. You can most likely delete.

If you can’t get it, send your LO file to Drop Box and share it with me via PM (I’m assuming you don’'t want to make this file public.) and I’ll see about fixing it.