Missing View ports with stretched text arrows and a yellow caution symbol

I recently completed Working Documents in Layout and when I opened the file a few days later the rendering were gone, the text was in place but all the leaders and arrows were stretched to the upper left hand corner of the page and the viewport box was gone. In the lower righthand corner is a yellow caution symbol. I tried Auto Render but it did not do anything because the viewport is gone.

I expect the issue is due to modified scenes. Select one of the viewports and look at the the SketchUp Model window. Exactly what is the scene listed? Does it show as modified?

Can you share the LO file? Send it by private message if you don’t want to make it public.

Thank you Dave. Since I am new to the Forum how do I share the LO or a PDF I made of a sample page?

You can click on the Upload button whic is the 7th from the left in the row of buttons across the top of the reply text window.

A PDF from the LO file won’t really show what we need to see so please upload the .layout file.

Error.pdf (51.5 KB)
Thanks. Here is the PDF of a typical page.

As I said, the PDF won’t help. I know what you are seeing. It’s the LayOut file itself that I need to see.

The LO file is to big. Can you see the issue in the PDF? Or any other suggestions?

I sent you a private message.

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