Sketchup Layout Error Help

Im new to the forum. Have been using Sketchup Pro for around…3-4 years.

Recently I have had issues with Layout. I go to open my project in Layout. and when it pops up, where I have inserted my ( details, drawings. etc.) from sketch there is just a yellow triangle with an exlamation point. How the heck do I fix this!!! Im freaking out. Thanks


Could you upload the LayOut file so I can take a look? If it’s too large for uploading here, upload it to Google Drive or Drop Box and share the link.

have you seen this before?

Yes. A couple of different causes, though. If I can see the file, I can probably tell you what the cause is.

Check out what DaveR suggested in the past (turn on Autorender):

Colin, there’s something else going on here besides turning on Auto Render, I think. Seeing the LO file will help to narrow it down.

Have the SketchUp models changed location? What does the Document setup>References window say?

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