How to correct - yellow triangle with black exclamation mark message in layout -


opened layout file and several pages had a yellow triangle with black exclamation mark in the location where sketch up image had been. Image was gone, all the arrows were going off to side of frame.
How do I go back to previous file. typical backups still have same problem.



Can you share the LO file?

The typical cause for this is that you modified the camera position for the viewport after inserting the SketchUp file into LO. And then you edited the SKP file which resulted in the camera position being changed again. I’d also guess you are using the Last saved Sketchup view for the scene of the viewport. If you are and you edit the SketchUp model but don’t leave the camera in the exact same location, it’ll appear that the model has moved and your leaders and dimensions will become distorted. Seeing the LayOut file will help a great deal.