Layout Error Icon

What does the Exclamation point enclosed in the yellow triangle represent? It will appear on the cover sheet after I have reopened a file and the file usually becomes unworkable when it is present. Help?!


That’s not an error indicator. It just indicates that the viewport needs to be rendered. Generally this is because the SketchUp reference model has been updated but the viewport has not. You can right click on the viewport to render it or select it and choose Render in the SketchUp Model inspector panel.

Also note that this icon will be shown when LayOut is unable to render the model. This can happen if the reference model has been lost for example. It sounds like this is the situation you’re encountering, since you mentioned the file becomes unworkable. What is happening is LayOut is attempting and reattempting to render that model. The easiest fix for that is to delete that viewport and re-insert the SketchUp model.

Hope that helps,