Warehouse not responding

I was able to download items from 3D warehouse it was working fine, now it won’t download any models.

I have to force quit my SketchUp file every time. I can’t download any models from the 3D warehouse.

The screen goes blank with a spinning ball.
Please help, have been trying for a couple of hours…

You shouldn’t have to force quit SketchUp if the 3d Waterhouse doesn’t load…
You can try logging in and out again and clear your browser cache.
If you can’t resolve the problem, are you aware that 3d warehouse is accessible through your browser too ?
Go there 3D Warehouse and download whatever you need

Your description sounds like a Mac issue I know about. If you are on Mac, download the models you want, but say No when asked if you want to load them into your scene. They should download quickly, and you can open the file to check it out, and then only copy what you really need into your working file.

Currently that doesn’t work on Windows, so if you’re on Windows, download the model into a new empty scene.

yes its with Mac, I left it ‘loading’ all night, it must take very long to load, the model was downloaded on the drawing. It was not happening Saturday, and yesterday had a hard time working on my project…never had this issue with Windows 10. Can it be an issue with Sketchup pro 21?
I am not a computer wiz…just need this to work smoothly. Kind of regret upgrading to Sketchup pro 21…
Colin thank you will try to download into a file. this is a completely waste of time, and should not have to do it this way… from another forum, similar topic, you suggest cleaning the models, so I downloaded the extension cleanup3…still have not figured out how to use it! Thanks for your help!

I’m trying to find people who have the problem, who would have time to talk to me. I have ideas on what to do to fix the issue. For me, I can try a customer’s model, and download the same component, and not have any delay.

You have a subscription, and can install SketchUp 2019 and sign in to there instead. It doesn’t show the delay, and I don’t think we saw the issue until SketchUp 2020. Here’s the 2019 DMG, if you want to give that a try:


Thank you Colin, yes I have a subscription and was using 2018 but not on Mac. When I changed to Mac I updgraded to 2021.
I will give it a try.

btw I understand more or less what DMG is-I am not a computer wizard - can you explain please how do I install this? Will it only open on the Mac?

It’s a disk image file. When it appears in your Downloads folder you double click on it. In the window that appears is a SketchUp 2019 folder, and an Applications alias. You drag the SketchUp 2019 folder onto the Applications alias. That will set the files copying across to the right folder on your drive.

After the copying is finish, eject the disk image using the Finder File menu. Then go into Applications, SketchUp 2019, and open SketchUp from inside that folder. Then try downloading components from 3D Warehouse.

I suddenly am having the same problem: spinning blue circles. I’ve been using SketchUP for 12 years and haven’t had this problem. on Windows.

Are you still using SketchUp Make 17 as your profile indicates? The 3D warehouse is no longer supported in SketchUp 17 or 18. You can still access it through a web browser or via the components browser window.

When did that happen!?

Recently. The site was updated and the old internal browser version incorporated into SketchUp 2017 and 2018 no longer works with it.

(not that I use Make anymore, but that’s devastating should I ever go back!!)

I don’t think anyone being devastated if they have to use an external web browser… :innocent:

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It’s just inconvenient. Another two steps in an already arduous process. My Make is slow, but I guess I’ll have a pretty hefty collection of components. Gotta learn how to organize them better.

Organization is a good thing. You should upgrade to SketchUp Pro since you are using it in your business.

It’s also a matter of habit.
I can count on the fingers of a hand how many times I have used the built-in 3DWH.
I found it better to use external browser, download and open the model separately (drop into a separate SU window) and examine it before inserting it into my “live” model.


Thanks. I guess I’ll develop good new habits.

What are the advantages of using SketchUp Pro? Is it faster?

The main things for you right now are that the 3D Warehouse interface works and more importantly the license for Pro permits using it commercially. Your use of Make in your business violates the End User License Agreement. See Section 2.2.1 of the EULA

The current version of SketchUp Pro has had improvements to make it handle large models better.