Warehouse account transfer

Hi, first post here because I need some help.
I’m leaving the company soon where I’m working at and use Sketchup for but all my 3D models that I made overtime are all stored on my Sketchup account that I use personally too.

I would like to transfer all the models from this warehouse to a different account in one fast swoop… is this possible? Or do I have to import every model separately and then upload them to a different account? I just don’t want all those private models shared and dont want this new employee taking over my job using my personal email logins.


Disclosure: I am NOT a lawyer. Nothing in this post - except the warning that you may need to seek legal advice - should be construed as legal advice!

These SketchUp models: Did you create them while on the company’s clock? Or, even if you we’re off the clock, were you using company resources? If so, your company may have Intellectual Property (IP) rights to your models. In this case, denying your successor access to the models might be considered theft. You need to consult both your company’s IP policies (if any) and a competent lawyer - preferably one with an IP specialty.

If, on the other hand, you simply want to change the ownership of the models in the 3D warehouse to an account that is tied to your (soon to be ex) company instead of your personal email, then I think contacting Trimble for assistance is the right path.

If I was in your situation I would download the company models and store them locally where your company has access to them, and then delete them from your personal account, unless your company required you to maintain an online model depository in the Warehouse. I am no lawyer either.

It’s a very small firm and we already openly discussed this. He doesn’t care if I would use it for personal use, as long as he has access to it. But I’m just looking to transfer all the models over to another account. I’ll ask Trimble or maybe just save them as you both stated.

Thanks :slight_smile:

If the boss just wants your successor to have access, then just organize your 3D Warehouse models. Put all work related models in a collection, make them public if they aren’t already, and give them the link to the extension. Do not give your email to your successors.

If the SketchUp you use at work is licensed under your personal email account, then contact Trimble to transfer the work license association to your successor, but keep the 3D Warehouse account under your personal email.

Do you still control your models? Check
Can your successor access them? Check
Is access by other people read only? Check

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