Collaborating on a Sketchup Design

I’m a Boy Scout and working on my Eagle Project to benefit wilderness rehab.
I am working with the benefactor to design two large raccoon enclosures.
Is there a simple way for us both to be able to make changes to a sketch (detailed plans for the cages)?
Would it work for us to both be able to log into a Sketchup account (at different times) to make changes?
Thanks for any help.

There is 3D Warehouse. Both of you set up accounts. Just keep the model private and shared only between you two.

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:arrow_right: Best Way To Collaborate (Between Clients/Other Companies)

… but Trimble Connect is not free.

Dan, thank you very much for your guidance. You are now a contributor to my Eagle Project!
I appreciate your time.

I’ve uploaded the file to 3D Warehouse & gagged to make easy to find.
At this point I don’t know how to make shareable. If I log out and log back in as a different Google Account user I cannot find the model on the tags.