Warehouse 3D

the furniture item from 3 D warehouse won’t move in place and disassembles when trying to move it to another location.

this happens when moving the furniture inside the model

It sounds like you’re opening the component for editing before trying to move it. Don’t do that. Make sure you can see the blue bounding box around the entire component.

and when the blue bounding box is highlighted, it still falls apart when using the move tool. Can I attach the file?

Go ahead an attach it.

Thanks for transmitting an example. This is exactly what I’m doing though.
Please see the attachment from my own file. And the “Outliner” seems to have a lot of repeated items under the same component that might be causing problems.

Tostefonz2.skp (1.3 MB)

It can’t be exactly what you are doing. If you were doing exactly what I did your sofa wouldn’t come apart. See below. At the end I open the component for editing by double clicking on it. Then I can move part of it away from the other part.

You still need to correct the reversed faces.

I sent the attachment. Can you move the sofa in the file just sent?

I’m not opening the component under editing, How are the faces reversed?

I showed doing that in my previous post. It works just fine if you only single click on the component to select it without opening it for editing.

If you are double clicking on it, that will open it for editing.

We talked about this yesterday. You should have white front faces exposed. To reverse the faces, right click on them and choose Reverse Faces.

To reverse the faces, right click on them and choose Reverse Faces.

…while the component or group is open for editing. :slight_smile: To modify the content of the component (such as to change face orientation), the component must be open for editing (such as via double-click on it). To operate on the component as a whole (such as to move it), the component must not be open for editing.

it says “intersect faces” but couldn’t find reverse faces when right checking the drag down menu. Is there a search bar for cross referencing questions? I used the library of modules for working on my project for a while now. But it would be impractical to go thru the entire library for each topic while putting a project on hold.

If one or more faces are selected, the right-click Context menu should have a “Reverse Faces” function.

Are you actually looking at the GIFs I’ve been posting?

You can go to sketchup.com and click on Resources to get to the Help files.

I think it’s impractical to start a project without first knowing how to use the tools.

If I just delete the sofa and download a new furniture item would this help? I tried to find the “reverse faces” and none. Only “intersect faces” shows up under right clicking the drag down menu. Also the outliner as repeated instances of the same furniture.

There’s nothing really wrong with the sofa you downloaded other than maybe being a little overly detailed and the incorrect face orientation. You could try downloading a different sofa if you want. It may be less detailed and may have the faces correctly oriented. Maybe not. The problems you are describing really aren’t caused by the sofa component you chose to download.

In the file you shared today there is one instance of the sofa in the model space. It is made up of a number of sub components but it will act as a single object.

“I think it’s impractical to start a project without first knowing how to use the tools.”
Most of the tools have been covered, but there 's always room for improvement.

Regarding the “reverse” icon that doesn’'t show up, tech support would probably more help, thanks.

Were you able to move the sofa in my model successully?

There is no such icon. When you select one or several faces and click with the right mouse button, a context menu pops up, with “Reverse faces” as one menu item.

YES! I already showed you that!

Here it is again.

It stays together unless I open the component for editing and select only part of it.