3D Warehouse Acting Goofy

I have uploaded some dynamic cabinets to the 3D Warehouse. Upon downloading them, all the attributes are gone. They were there when I uploaded them. The little green Dynamic Component icon is also missing. Is the 3D Warehouse somehow “un-dynamicing” my models? Anyone else have this problem?

Just noticing something. When downloaded, the original model is placed inside another component with the same name as the title of the model. Why?

This sounds like your doing. The component you create is a SketchUp model in its own right. If you upload the SketchUp file in which you created the component, you’re effectively uploading a nested component. The top level component is the SketchUp file itself and the next level in is your component. The same sort of thing happens if you create a component and save the file in which you created the component then import that file into a new SketchUp file.

It’s really no different from uploading a model made of a bunch of components. Each of those components is still a component inside the parent component when you download it from the Warehouse into your project.

Instead of uploading the parent file to the 3DWH, right click on the Dynamic Component and choose 3D Warehouse>Share Component… Then proceed to share it as normal.

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I tried using the right click method, and that works, so thank you for that.

"The same sort of thing happens if you create a component and save the file in which you created the component then import that file into a new SketchUp file."
I don't know if that's correct. I import .skp files all the time and they're never nested inside something else in the Outliner.

My question is this. When you upload from your profile page in 3DWH, how can you upload anything other than a .skp file? This is how it looks in the Outliner after I download the model.
The Parent component is the title I gave the model when I uploaded it. I never created a component with that name. The Outliner on the original file did not look like this when I uploaded it. Anyone who downloads the model will have to double click into it then select the inner component to access the attributes. Also the green Dynamic Component icon is missing because the parent is not dynamic. This is pointless. Why have the upload feature in the 3DWH profile page if it works differently than the right click method?

It is correct. Here’s an example. I created a SketchUp file with a single component in it and saved it. The title of the SketchUp file is shown at the top of Outliner in bold as Example for MDenbow. The component is called Iron Tread.

I then started a new file which is, at the time of the screenshot, still Untitled. The stair tread component is nested inside a component called Example for MDenbow.

The exact same nesting would occur if I upload Example for MDenbow to the 3DWarehouse and later download it into a SketchUp model.

At some point you gave the SketchUp file containg the Blind Corner Base component that name. Perhaps when you used File>3D Warehouse>Share Model. The model is Dynamic Frameless Blind Corner Base Cabinet. The component inside the model is Blind Corner Base.

That’s correct. The model is not dynamic. The component in the model is the thing to which you’ve given the dynamic attributes.

It’s not really working differently. They do different things. Share Model uploads the entire model while Share Component uploads the selected component. Share Component is also available in File>3 Warehouse if you have a component selected.

No it’s not. There are two different options based on what you are uploading to the Warehouse. You could have a model full of dynamic cabinet components. If you upload the whole model, all of the cabinets would come as a single package. You could select the cabinets one at a time and upload them. This would give you a bunch of separate dynamic cabinet components that you select from and download as you need them.

Here I’ve uploaded the entire model which contains a bunch of components.

Here’s another example. If I Share this model to the Warehouse I get an dresser component that contains the components shown at the right including the dynamic drawer component. If I select the dynamic drawer box component and share that, I get just the dynamic component. No nesting and ready to be used in future models…


I think I understand now. Models and components are handled completely different from one another in 3DWH. There are two completely separate and different methods of publishing each.


Yes. You put that in many fewer words than I did.

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Great models as usual Dave- A true artist. :+1:

Thank you, sir.

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