Download from 3D warehouse

I can’t find the items downloaded from 3D warehouse into my model. Is it sent to another folder?
thanks J. Brown

No. They should be in your model file. Go to Outliner and look for them. Right click on one of them and choose Zoom Selection. It should take you to the component.

The common reason components don’t show up in models is because the model is much larger than real life and the component is displayed at its normal size. Or in some cases the component was not modeled at the correct scale.

If you can’t find the components you got from the Warehouse, share the SketchUp model with us and it’ll make it easier for us to help you find them.

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I’m just starting with the software basics, and tools. Can you indicate where the Outliner location is to find the downloaded item from the 3D warehouse? Thanks again J. B.

Outliner would be found in the tray on the right side of the SketchUp model window space. If it isn’t in the tray, go to Window>Default Tray and select Outliner.

Considering you are just starting, maybe it would be a good idea if you share the SketchUp model file so we can help you out.

Thanks so much ! The instructions took me right to the correct location for the Outliner. Although the names of the items were showing in the outliner that did show up, the items didn’t show up in graphic form. Can I send a screen shot or how can the file be shared to be able to resolve it. I’m in the file with the project as of now.

Save your SketchUp file exactly as it is. Then if it’s not too large of a file, drag and drop it into your reply. Otherwise upload it to Drop Box and share the link.

Are you sure you actually downloaded the components from the 3D Warehouse? What are these components you are looking for?

They are furniture, ( a Sofa ) for a business. I am trying to draw the interior for a building then furnish it and install fixtures. I’ll try to transfer the file for the review as suggested. I’m also using the “Architectural form” in feet and inches option from the subscription. And have been using the learning library tutorials such as “Fundamentals”, ''Landscape and site" and “modeling” modules for following along. But its time consuming to find certain tools to start my project.

Like any tool, you need to take the time to learn how to use it to be effective with it.

Again, seeing your model file will go a long way toward helping you get this sorted out.

Tostefonz.skp (1.3 MB)

Not sure if there was a transfer correctly. The file is the above link that I dragged from the desktop(originally dragged from Sketchup) after it was saved.

So your sofas show up in Outliner.
Screenshot - 2_15_2021 , 2_03_29 PM

If you had right clicked on one of them and selected Zoom selection as I suggested, you would have gone right to them. Here they are off in the distance a long way from your model. Hitting Zoom Extents would have made them show up as small dark blobs.

Here I’ve moved them closer to your model.

Note that all the blue faces are back faces. Those should not be exposed in your 3D model. You should right click on the blue faces and choose Reverse Faces. You’ll need to open the sofa components for editing to get into the reversed faces on them. It’s really not a good idea to be adding materials to your model until the geometry is done correctly. The materials can mask geometry problems and make your work more difficult.

Is the editing on the sofas for the geometry supposed to be for the sofas or the building? And is this correction done at the 3D warehouse before downloading?

You need to correct the geometry in your room model since it is all incorrectly oriented. And you need to edit the sofa components and fix those.

No. The components you get from the 3D Warehouse are as the authors created them. Ideally they would make their models correctly and cleanly but it’s not unusual to find that the author has not done everything the way they should. Anyone of any skill level can upload their SketchUp models to the Warehouse. Best practice is to keep a separate SketchUp file open for importing components from the 3D Warehouse so you can look at them, consider if they suit your needs, clean them up if needed and then copy them over to your project file.

Thanks again for all the help ! I know I have a lot of learning to do ahead.

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Keep going through the educational stuff at and keep practicing. There’s no point diving into a big project without having a good understanding of how to use the tools. Doing so will just crate more work, leave you with a sub-par project and make you frustrated.

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