Newbie Prob with importing models


Hi Guys,

Building model of a house and everything is going great, absolutely loving SU.

Running into something weird as I import windows and doors and such. I click the ‘get models’ icon and the warehouse opens, I find what I want and click download, and click OK for it to be used in my current model, then nothing happens, can’t find it anywhere. I go thru the exact same procedure again and this time it works and the model is right where my cursor is. I have to do the process 2 times for everything I import, the first time it doesn’t show, the second time it does.

Is it going somewhere I don’t see it, or do I have to do something to make it appear?

Thanks for the help. Much appreciated


Hard to tell exactly what is happening, especially without having the model available. The next time it happens that the component doesn’t seem to appear, don’t click to download it again. Immediately look in the In Model components library and see if the component is shown there.


also make sure that you have not done anything obvious like turn off layer 0.

Some of the models in the warehouse are placed miles from the origin and/or are not scaled properly for your model.

When you import, it attaches to your cursor, so you have to click somewhere on the model to put it down - your viewing angle/scale might make it impossible to see until you place it.