Cannot see imported items from the 3-D warehouse

I am a new user. When I select a model from the 3-D warehouse, it asks to “Load this directly into your SketchUp model?” OK results in a D/L but I can’t see it or make it appear? (Mac Yosemite)

It should be attached to your mouse, if you drag over the SU drawing window…
it should also be in the ‘Components’ window if you click the house button…

If you see neither, can you save it to your Desktop?


Thanks for the reply. I’m pretty sure it’s importing but the blue box it resides in is so tiny the items are a spec. How do I enlarge the blue box and item?
Greg A

you need to “Scale” either your model or the import…
if this is happening in empty drawing’s, your ‘Template’ may need re-scaling, but you can use ‘Zoom Extents’ to bring the import forward…