Why cant i view my imported 3D sketchup models?

I am having a problem with importing 2D or 3D models from sketchup warehouse … I cant view them… help?

First try Zoom Extents.

It’s on the Large Toolset toolbar image

Use View/Toolbars (View/Toolsets on Mac) to display that toolbar if it isn’t visible.

Some Warehouse models are (mis)located a long way from the origin, or non-life size.

Even when i zoom out … i cant see any models… i have been trying to import models a couple of times
in the same file … i cant seem to see anything…e

Have you tried importing them into a blank model?

There’s not much for us to go on here.

Try uploading a link to at least one of the 3d warehouse models you are trying to import.

And also upload the SKP file you have imported the same model into.

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