Cant see imported 3D component

Hi Everyone,
I have been trying to import from the 3D warehouse, but all I can see when I download onto my drawing is 4 red crosses. I’ve tried zooming out to extents, but still cant find it. When I edit and undo, sketchup is asks if I want to undo load component - so I know it imported - just can’t see it.
Please can someone advise? (I am using Sketchup make 2017)
Thank you!

Scale is the most likely reason but without seeing anything we can only guess.
Give us a link to the specific warehouse model so we can check for ourselves.

This is the item - a cooker, on Whirlpool corporation, this is its ‘description’:-

actually seems as though everything i try to import, i get the same issue (4 red crosses and nothing else)

I opened another sketchup page, and can download anything. So it must be something wrong with the model i am using?

Generally speaking it is always best to download models into an empty file, this way you can check the model before adding it to your real model.


From your description, I would be looking at your model for correct dimensions. Did you draw it at the right size?

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