Can't find the components/models that I download

I tried downloading some furniture models from the 3D Warehouse, but they don’t seem to be appearing on my model? The component shows up on the component window and all that, so obviously it must be there, it’s just… nowhere in sight? Someone said that the outliner window will highlight components, but when I click on the one I want, nothing happens. It’s just not there? So- maybe it spawned on some random location miles away from my model, or it’s just- I’m not sure? Is there a way to automatically make it appear right in front of you?

Also just since I’m starting out, how hard is it to make a house with full furnishing and everything? I mean, it shouldn’t be too hard, just wondering about things like making doorways and all that. Want to make a little round house~ Can you make round walls without it being a cylinder with no inside? There’s that tool that lifts shapes, and I guess you can get it to be hollow inside, then you’d just… give it a floor? Ah… hm.

My version is 2015. I can get the latest version, that was just the specific version on the tutorial I was watching.

Try importing the component into a blank drawing, then use Zoom Extents to home in on it. Can you see it if you do that?

This depends on what you are trying to achieve in terms of complexity. A very basic looking house is very easy indeed. If you want to show full constructional detail, that’s a lot harder. Importing furniture components is a doddle.

Sounds like the main tool you need to master is Push/Pull. Start with a circle that defines the outside of the house. Then use Offset to define the internal face of the wall. You should now have two concentric circles with a surface between that you can extrude upwards using Push/Pull to the height you require. In a flat wall, making an opening is just a question of drawing a rectangle (say) and using Push/Pull to push one wall face onto the other, causing them both to disappear. It’s rather harder with a curved wall though. I think you need to get much more familiar with the software before jumping into that deep end!

Alright, so far everything’s going well aside from this new problem that I’m not really sure what to do about?

So the checked floor turns blue, and other textures lose detail. So far I’ve noticed that if I import certain components, that item is what seems to cause it, then it seems to go back to normal when I delete it. I’m not all too sure now, though. It’s a little annoying to only have a couple of options for a certain thing only for the program to say “Hah no”, but there must also be more to the problem, or maybe it’s unrelated and that’s just the only thing I’ve noticed.
I’m just worried of the problem carrying on even if I import the model to other programs or even try to put it in a mod, or anything along those lines. While it’s more of a minor inconvenience when working on it, it wouldn’t be good for the floor to turn blue outside of SketchUp and all that.

Go to View/Face Styles and tick Shaded with texture.

Thank-you, though it hasn’t made a difference so far, sorry. It was already ticked, so I tried selecting and unselecting it, and the main difference is that without “Shaded with texture”, the details are gone all the time instead of off and on.

If you have clicked on the component with the default Select tool (also invoked by the shortcut keystroke space bar), that Selects it and turns it blue. That may be what you are seeing - all the edges and faces are going blue.

Clicking somewhere else will de-select it and turn it back to normal.

Maybe you could share the model so we can see what’s going on and help you identify the problem without guessing.

Does this work? Hopefully it’ll be the same for both of us.

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