Dynamic component in warehouse


I have been uploading a dynamic component to the Warehouse. I am able to download the component, but when I try to emded it directly into an existing project using the 3D Warehouse in SketchUp it is not dynamic anymore. Downloading to a file is working as expected and the component is still dynamic.

How can I embed directly into an existing project without loosing the dynamic part?

This is the component: Dancover Pergola Gazebo San Marino 3x4m | 3D Warehouse
I am using SketchUp Pro 21.1.299.


How did you upload it to the 3D Warehouse? The Dynamic Component is inside another component container. If you open the top level container or explode it, the DC will be exposed and you can make the changes to it.

I exploded the top level component and then shared the pergola component to the 3D Warehouse directly from SketchUp. (Right click on the component and choose 3D Warehouse>Share Component.)

Search for Dancover Pergola and take the one that isn’t by you. I’ll delete it shortly but try it and see if that one works as you expect it to.

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I used the upload button in the 3D Warehouse dialog.

See my edit to my previous post.


Ok. I have uploaded the new model Dancover Pergola Gazebo San Marino 3x4m | 3D Warehouse with this and it seems to work now.

I have been updating the old model using the edit button with uploading the changed file in the warehouse. Should this be working or is this the source of the issue?

OK. I deleted the one I uploaded.

Keep in mind that a component (dynamic or not) is really just a SketchUp model file. If you put a component into a SketchUp model, even if it’s the only component, and save that model file, you wind up with a SketchUp file inside a SketchUp file. The same thing you are seeing would happen if you use File>Import to import a saved file into a SketchUp model file. This is usually a good thing because it helps to keep all the parts of the model together. For example, here is a model I created of a steam engine. Each part is a component. If I open the file from my local drive or download it from the warehouse and then open it in SketchUp, it will be a bunch of components flying in close formation but if I import it from my local drive or from the Warehouse, it’ll come into the model as the steam engine component with the base level components nested inside.

Uploading your component either through File>3D Warehouse>Share Model or via your web browser results in that double wrapping. If you either do as I suggested above with the context click or select the component and then go to File>3D Warehouse>Share Component you won’t have that problem.

If you are making repeated edits to the component you might want to upload it at the end as an entirely new component and either delete or at least make private the old one.

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O.k. Thank you.