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Would anyone be able/wiling to help me develop a plugin to utilise my dynamic components? I have an endless supply of them which I would like to share for a small profit, lots of ideas but no programming skills.



I have just managed to develop a plugin and have it published in SketchUp Extension Warehouse successfully recently. You can check it out at the below link.


I have also shared the steps I took during this journey.

Do let me know if you need more help.



Looks interesting, but can you tell me the name of the extension?

Does the component you made, load dynamic components or could you make one
which loads dynamic components and stops them being copied?

Can you estimate the cost and how long it would take?


Ian Cleasby

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Hi Ian,
The name of the extension is Warehouseblueprint.

The plugin loads the pre-prepared dynamic components for users to put into their models.

I have added additional formulas in the dynamic components. This requires the plugin to be installed to fully utilize the dynamic components.

If the dynamic components are duplicated to another workstation without the plugin installed, the components will not be able to be modified using the DC’s “component options”.

This is as best as I can do to deter the components from being copied. It is not a foolproof plan though. Experts should should be able to crack it.

Try downloading and play with it. Let me know whether this is what you are looking for.




Absolutely amazing extension.

Sounds like exactly what I am looking for. How much would you either make
me a plugin for, or sell me the code I need, or would you like to work for
me on a plugin I propose to make? I am happy to listen to any suggestions?


Ian Cleasby

01768 892027
07866775858 <07866%20775858>
IanCleasbyDraft https://twitter.com/IanCleasbyDraft


Hi Ian,
Thanks for the compliment.

Let’s bring this offline. Will send you a separate mail on how I can help you.


There is no such functionality to prevent components, materials, etc. from being copied or saved out to other names.

If you devised some way to interrupt saving components in your plugin, a user could simply switch off your plugin, restart SketchUp without it and save the components to a local collection.


Agreed with Dan.
To iterate again, we are unable to stop the dynamic components being copied.
What we can do is add “special” formula in the components which is recognized by your own plugin.
Without the plugin, the formula cannot be recognized and the “component options” will not function.


Hi Ian,

We’re currently in the final stages of development of FlexTools.
It’s a plugin that works with Dynamic Components and acts as a platform for DC installation, online activation and management of various settings. It also facilitates easy installation of extra tools (plugins) that may be used to augment the DCs functionality.

A licensed DC is limited to usage on licensed computers only. On un-licensed computers the DC “breaks” if it’s changed.

Feel free to contact:

Yoni Frandzel

**Installation & Activation**

**DC behavior before and after activation**


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