Seeking Dynamic Component Tutoring/Programmer

Hi There,

I am an experienced SU user, currently have sketchUp Pro 2021 and the PlusSpec plugin.

I have a construction business building small modular timber buildings in the UK. I am in need of help to create/program certain Modular components as Dynamic components.

Is anyone willing to help or suggest someone who is? Any help is much appreciated.

Many thanks, Ben

Upload the problem DCs and your expectations and the community will endeavor to guide, fix or build. Otherwise are you wishing to employ someone?
Does PlusSpec have any template to base DCs on? what does that program expect to read attributes for quantities?..


Thanks for your response. Yes, I am looking to hire someone on a temporary basis to create formulas for certain Dynamic components. Is this a service you can offer?

Many thanks, Ben

Hi Ben, Email contact sent

Thanks Philip, I shall send you an email now