Contact to developers of dynamic components?

Hello community,

I´m interested in getting more knowledge on dynamic components and the possibilities of logical/mathematical formulas.
In the german forum, nobody could help me up to now.

I will post my most important questions in following posts, but perhaps the quickest way to a solution qould be, if I got in contact to someone who already has more knowledge than me in DCs.
Could anybody give me a clue on how to contact such persons? I didn´t find a way so far…


I don’t think anyone develops DC anymore but a lot of users here have experience using it. You can ask your questions here and you are likely to get answers.

Btw, what German forum is there for SketchUp?

Thank you for your quick reply :wink:

I just postet a second thread and will wait for possible anwers.

The german forum, we are signed to is:


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