Dynamic component plugin developer

I am looking for developer to create a customise plugin for us to use sketch up based on dynamic component if anyone is able do please let me know

Please don’t. Dynamic Components have no public API. Every interaction with it though code is basically a hack that works by accident, not by design, and risks breaking if Trimble ever takes up DC development again e.g. for bug fixes.


Hi I need cut list & (Bom) export to excel

Basically we are manufacturing office furniture

It ill help for you business

I need developer can you help me

maybe Yoni can help… @Yoni


I can help you. email me further info at victor.cisin20@gmail.com

Please feel free to contact me. I have created something similar for flexpipe. Here is a movie where they demonstrate the integrated BOM and cutlist functionality: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Uo35dYAJmg4&list=PL5mJBBquWljrpspX3J8tz9jcaqwHqxgTe&index=9

Can i get your email id so that i can share you my requirement

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You should have received a PM.

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