How do I mark a model in 3D Warehouse as a Dynamic Component?

I’ve just uploaded a Dynamic Component Spiral Staircase to the 3D Warehouse.

I can find it when I search for Spiral Staircase - it appears first when I sort by Date Added.

But if I add the Advanced/Dynamic Component filter, it no longer appears.

How do I mark it on the Warehouse that is a Dynamic Component? I can’t see anywhere to do that.

I haven’t uploaded a dynamic component to the 3D Warehouse so I just did and it automatically tagged it as a DC. How did you go about creating the file you uploaded to the 3D Warehouse?

You upload the DC as a component you would right click saveas, that is warehouse, share component

You mean below Save as…?

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I logged in, and just went to Upload the saved file.

I can see no way to mark it as a DC.

I’ll try that instead, but tomorrow. On the way to bed now.

I didn’t see a way to manually mark it as a DC either. I just uploaded the component and it was marked automatically as a DC.

Well, maybe it takes a while? Mine hadn’t been so marked after 10 or 15 minutes.

Is it a public component? Can I download it?

Make sure you are uploading a component not a file (or wrapped component, that is a file containing the component )


This is a common error/issue going both ways. Uploading can double wrap and downloading can double wrap. People forget that a component is the stuff inside the component file not the file itself. It can also leave stuff unexpectedly unwrapped. If you open a save as component as a file you don’t realise you are already in edit mode of the component.

The component is public.

And what I uploaded was the file I saved with the component in it. Maybe I should have done a right click Save As… with the component selected?

But when I just open the file, it behaves as a DC - no need to explode it to remove an extra wrapper.

I’m replying on my phone in the bath, so further work from computer will have to wait until tomorrow.

Thanks for your advice. I’ll try your suggestions tomorrow.

But if you download it into a model it will be double wrapped.

If you can find it!

Search for “Spiral stair” and sort by Date Added. Mine will be at or near the top. But don’t use the advanced filter for DCs.

I can no longer find the model that started me on this trail.

Double wrapped it is.

I wonder how? Just by saving the file, instead of R-click, Save as?

Thanks very much, Dave, for looking at it. I’ll try to sort it tomorrow.

Think about the logic of it.
A component saved in a file is a component within another entity.
A component save as’d is just the component and when you open that component file on your computer you are opening it in edit mode.

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Yup. As Box wrote, this is a common thing.

I exploded the top level component, right clicked on it and selected 3D Warehouse>Share Component… After uploading it, it is automatically marked as Dynamic. The one you uploaded wasn’t dynamic although the component inside it is.

FWIW, I made mine private so no one else will access it through my content.

To put it in it’s simplest terms.
I create cube and make it a component and use Save as, then I send the component to you via email when you open it you will find a cube of raw geometry, but if you import it into a model it will be a cube component.
If I save the original as a model with a cube component in it and send it to you, you will open it and find a cube component, but if you import it you will find a double wrapped cube component.
Now hopefully I can find some virtual acid to burn the image of you in the bath out of my minds eye.