Saving Dynamic Component

SU 2013
Windows 7
Lately I have been having a problem saving dynamic components from the warehouse to my collection. When I download a window into my building project, all the component options are available. When I take that same window and use the “save as” function to copy it to my collection, all the component options are no longer available. Is this normal, or am I doing something wrong.

You have to careful of the state of the component container.
When you download it it is wrapped in it’s dynamic coat. But when you save as you can be saving the contents of the component so that when you open it as a model you are actually opening it in edit mode.
Try bringing a saved as one into a new model from the component browser, if is dynamic then that’s what’s happening.

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Thank you. When I bring in from Component Browser, all is well. All options are there.

To explain it in it’s simplest form.
You make a cube and save as cube component.
You upload to warehouse, I download into a model and I get a cube component.
But if you open the file cube component on your pc it won’t appear to be a component because you are already inside it for editing.

The wrappers can be a problem, you get the opposite often when you download something that has a second skin. You think you have a component but it is nested inside a group.

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