Different way to save Dynamic Component?

I have made a dynamic component - shower walls, u can change the size of each side and they have ON/OFF parameter -
I can hide and unhide each panel. Everything works just fine when I save it as project - File/Save As… and open it with doubleclick. When I save it as component - click on my dynamic component and ‘Save As’ and then drag it into new file whole thing goes crazy, when I change size parameter, one element moves in wrong side, when I hide panel diffrent element disapears. Anyone has a idea how to save dynamic component to avoid these problems? Thanks in advance for you help.

SAve by Right clicking on the outermost container and click Save As…

To load the Dynamic Component, open a new file, then Import the saved file.

Is there any difference betweem draging and droping it into the file and import command?

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