Help! I goofed when I uploaded to 3D Warehouse!

What I wanted: to upload a Dynamic Component to the 3DWarehouse (3DW) - as a dynamic component.

What I did: I uploaded the .skp file.

What I should have done: Sent it to the 3DW from within the Component Tray in SketchUp.

The result: The 3DW doesn’t recognize it as a Dynamic Component(DC), and thus doesn’t flag is as a DC. So it doesn’t show up if, using 3DW advanced search you check the “Dynamic” field, nor if you use the “is:dynamic” tag in a standard search

I can’t find a way to replace the model in the 3DW with exactly the same thing, but recognized as a DC. Yes. I could delete the initial upload, then upload it again correctly. It wouldn’t take long! But I’ve sent links out to the original upload and I’d like to find a way that that already shared link will take the person clicking it to the re-uploaded version.

Any ideas?

I solved it! Here’s how:

From with SketchUp (SU), using the Components tray, I selected the outermost component in my assembly of nested components, right clicked and saved it as a .skp file on my hard drive - note this is NOT the same as simply saving the model which contains the component.

Next, I went to the 3DW and navigated to my original upload, clicked on “edit”, then uploaded a replacement file and choosing my saved component for the “new” file to use.

I’m going to leave this up for anyone who might search for a solution. My creativity is currently ebbing, so I welcome any edit to the title that might help people searching for this solution in the future!

If you open the original model that was uploaded, it should update the model. Open that model, delete all, paste new, save, and then it should update rather than upload.


I’m not understanding your directions. I think you might be offering a solution to a different problem! My problem is that I uploaded it to the 3DW in a way that prevented the 3DW from recognizing it as dynamic. And - as you can see above - I’ve already solved my problem.


Since the DC attributes are attached to the saved SKP, then simply replacing the component in the 3dWH SKP with the required geometry will NOT work.

The uploaded DC SKP needs to have been made using a component-save - so that the DC attributes are saved with the SKP, and thereby it’s seen as a DC.

Is there no way to completely update the 3dWH SKP ?

If not then perhaps uploading a properly saved DC SKP with a slightly different name and then deleting the previously uploaded incorrect SKP ??


And this is exactly what I did – and it worked!

Indeed there is: In the 3DW, go to the model/component that needs updating. Click on “Edit” (assuming you’re logged in and it’s your model!). Choose “Upload a new file” (or something like that). Navigate to the component you saved using component-save and select it. Click on (I forget if the button says “done” or “Save” or something else).

While this would have done almost everything I wanted, since it would be a different model in the warehouse, the links I’d already shared wouldn’t have worked. Since I sent that link to people unfamiliar with SU and the 3DW, I needed to preserve the validity of my shared link.

Moral: don’t share a 3dWH model until you are sure it’s ‘correct’ :wink:

@Tig Actually, my model/component was, indeed, correct - at least for the purpose I had when I uploaded. It’s my upload method which caused it to be listed in the 3DW in a “suboptimal” manner. so what I take away is:

Moral: If you want the 3DW to recognize your component as dynamic, the either:

  • Upload it using the Component tray within SU or
  • Save it locally using “Save As” in the Component tray then upload the saved file to the 3DW

Agreed - there’s no easy way when it’s a DC. Replacing the model with the DC doesn’t work, because as mentioned, the renderbots don’t pick it up as being only a DC and give it the DC indicator in the upper right of the thumbnail:

And there’s no easy way to redirect someone on a url you’ve already given out.

Au contraire! When I uploaded my component - saved as a component from the Component Tray to replace the model in my original upload, the original link now navigates to the 3DW warehouse page that shows the Dynamic Component icon!

Here’s how it looks on the 3DW:

Well, isn’t THAT a sweet bonus… I was just uploading via context menu…

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